The Paper Clip


Now this was an innovation that matters!  But not only does it matter it is simple and elegant.  In today's maelstrom of high tech flash-in-the-pan innovations, the paper clip has ruled supreme for over a hundred and fifty years.  Originally it was designed for the purpose of attaching laundry tickets to fabric.  What is of note is that the market had the ultimate say in the product's value and transitioned the product from it's original purpose into clipping together pieces of paper.  Once again the customer rules!

LaunchTALK Launch

You come up with a great idea for a product.  You know it will succeed and even make a difference.  So what needs to happen to launch your product?

You do some quick research and suddenly are overwhelmed.  How will you design, patent, prototype, brand, test, fund, source, manufacture, package, distribute, market, merchandise, support, warrant and actually make money?

LaunchTALK has been created for all of us "garage inventors" with really great product ideas to share our experiences, thoughts and knowledge about all these overwhelming steps required to turn ideas into innovations that matter.

MarkWel has assembled a number of subject experts to contribute to LaunchTALK conversations. They are hanging out ready to provide insight and expertise. Do you have a topic or question?